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This week in Moto: new home products, software updates and more

Each week, something cool happens in the Moto World. Whether it's a new product, some rumor or some company news, no one can deny it's one of the most interesting brands out there. I'll do a weekly recap of what's going on with Motorola, so each week you'll see a post like this one that gives you all the relevant news going on in the Moto World. Are you ready?

Dashboard Camera by Motorola
This new smart car camera by Motorola Accessories is now available in the UK, Hong Kong and other countries. 

We found some hands-on pictures of this little device, and it really looks great. It resembles the luxury AURA phone from 2008 while its back looks like a Play Station Portable. The device was shown off at HKEF in Hong Kong last week.

MR1900 router
Motorola Home will release a new router in the US and Europe in the coming weeks. It's called the MR1900 and it features USB 3.0 ports, 4 Ethernet ports and up to 1300Mbps speeds. 

Its PowerBoost Wi-Fi promises to deliver the best speeds on the market. Check out the official pictures here.

More software updates
Moto is on a roll-a lately and released the April Security Patch for the Moto Z, keeping its promise of having its flagship on the latest security updates. 

At the same time, they released the Kernel Source for the Moto G5 and G5 Plus, so expect custom ROMs for them soon.

Motorola History awesomeness.
We really love Motorola History, so we disassembled a TeleTAC from 1995 to see what's inside this "brick" phone.

We also talked about the beautiful and underrated Motorola Droid Xyboard form 2011. This powerful tablet is still loved by the community.

In other history-related news, Motorola built a Museum in Chicago along with the Cubs baseball team to promote its iconic achivements. 

Other relevant news.
Although the Power Pack MotoMod was delayed for a few months, some pictures of it emerged online 

Also, the Nexus 6 might get Android O 8.0 if everything goes as planned. Or maybe not?
And... Motorola Solutions keeps introducing ground-breaking stuff.

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