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Motorola's Transform the Smartphone Winners!

Some months ago, Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon set an Indiegogo campaign in which developers could submit and show their ideas, and the winner would get funds from Lenovo Capital to make that dream Moto Mod come true.

Yesterday, the finalists went to Motorola's Chicago headquarters to show their ideas to the company itself. Lenovo selected two Mods as winner. DigiFrame and MACAY TrueSound Hi-Fi. DigiFrame is a powerful battery pack that also comes with an e-paper screen on the back, while the TrueSound Mod is designed for musicians and producers due to its analog to digital audio converter. 

We are also happy to know the Keyboard Mod also got chosen to be part of a new program, in which Verizon will distribute these Mods while Motorola and Lenovo will guide development and engineering. We all really want this keyboard to be released, don't we? Other notable Mods will be part of this campaign, like the Solar Energy Mod and the Edge notification light Mod. 

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