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Motorola Earbuds 2 Unboxing & First Impressions

The original Motorola Earbuds were released two or three years ago, but now Motorola Accessories, a Binatone company, has launched the successor to these affordable headphones.

The new headphones were completely redesigned. They will also feature 10mm drivers and a built-in mic, coming in a variety of colors. India, Europe and some Latin American countries can already enjoy this new product. Here's our unboxing:

Not much comes in the box, except for a user guide. This is the black version, but you can find at least 8 color variants. It comes in a nice white and red box and it shows accessories can be found at, the official website for these products.

The headphones don't scream premium but are good enough. Much better than other $10 headphones for sure. Quality is good, nothing cracks and it doesn't feel like the wires will be a problem after using them for a while.

Sound quality is better than the original Earbuds and the new design makes it more comfortable. It just fits ears much better than the previous one.

Sadly, there's no batwing in the in-ear part of the headphones, like the renders showed. It's located close to the smart button that lets you pause music and take calls. 

Overall, it's an affordable solution that will succeed for sure. If you are a power user, though, you should check the VerveLife range or the Pulse series.

Review written by Harshith Sharma and Felipe Berhau.
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