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Moto Secure: Iris scanner on your Moto Z

The Indiegogo challenge keeps getting better! Meet Moto Secure, one of the upcoming challengers on the Lenovo & Motorola Transform the Smartphone Challenge.

Moto Secure is a great alternative for the retail business, letting you manage payments securely. But it can also work with your home devices. As you know, there are many IoT devices coming this year (even a couple from Motorola Home), so Moto Secure will let you live a more secure life.

How does it work? It comes with a Biometric sensor that allows both fingerprint and Iris recognition. It also comes with a physical lock so your phone remains securely attached to the Moto Mod. If you are in the US, this Mod will be linked to Verizon's cloud and Fios services, allowing you to control your home devices securely. In other countries, it will also work for secure banking, fraud detection and more.


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