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3 million Moto M phones have been sold

Motorola launches midrange smartphone Moto M in local market
During the Moto M launch in Indonesia, Lenovo announced it sold 3 million Moto Ms in Asia and Eastern Europe since its launch less than six months ago.

According to Lenovo itself, sales of the Moto M accounted for up to 20% of total Lenovo & Motorola sales in the fourth quarter. That's a great number for the mid-range phone that captured the western world's attention since its launch in November. 

Originally launched in China, the phone was then launched in India later in 2016, with some Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries following in January 2017. The Moto M comes in a metal unibody and features a 5.5" 1080p screen, paired with 4GB of RAM and a Mediatek Helios processor.

Lenovo and Motorola launched the new device in Indonesia yesterday and took time to show off the new "Motorola" visual identity, which now shows the full name and is something the biggest fans had craved for over a year. The font for the full name is the one that was used for the "Moto" brand last year, and it looks amazing on the full brand.

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