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What to expect from Motorola at MWC

Barcelona's Mobile World Congress will take place in exactly two weeks, and all eyes will be on Motorola. Though this site doesn't talk about leaks, we already know Motorola is holding an event on February 26th in which it will launch a new device (or two).

But what else can we expect at MWC? We might see new Mods, as Lenovo announced its plans to release new Mods every quarter and that huge event will be a great opportunity to promote a new Mod. Perhaps some of the Indiegogo Challenge finalists could showcase their mods there.

Lenovo's Motorola won't be the only Moto at MWC, though. Motorola Home and Motorola Accessories will be there to launch new devices. Binatone, which owns the Motorola Accessories division, has already confirmed its presence in Barcelona's fair, so expect to see new wearables under the VerveLife brand and more of the amazing Signature Series at the event. I am particularly interested in the Signature Series, the new collection of retro-inspired smart music players that use the 1940s Motorola logo. They teased the Series at CES and we are hoping to see more of them at MWC.

We might also see some already-released products like the ConnectCoin wearable, the Pulse series and smart pet collars. The newly released VerveOnes Music Edition will also be shown, along with the upcoming VerveLoop affordable and water-resistant wearables.

Overall, it will be exciting to see all the new products, from the new phone(s) to the accessories and home products.
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