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100 Million Motorola products sold in 2016

Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC is the legal entity that owns the Motorola trademarks, the brand and other related assets. The brand is co-shared with Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, and also through the brand licensees, which include the home and accessory products.

Now, in a recent press release announcing a new licensing deal in which Motorola-branded lanterns, water-resistant speakers and alarm clocks will be released this year, Motorola said the following about the power of the 90 year-old brand:

So who is who in these numbers? Smartphones most likely account for 30 to 40 million of these products, while Solutions's industry and public-safety products could make another 10 to 20 million. The rest are mobile accessories and home products (you can check the wide Motorola-branded product ranges here).

It's fascinating to see such an old, iconic brand can still pull these numbers. And it's great for the fans to see their beloved brand be successful.

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