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The new Motorola BOOM 2

Boom...2! Motorola is set to launch a new bluetooth device soon. The Boom 2 is the follow up to the original Boom, introduced over 3 years ago. The Motorola Accessories division is now owned by Binatone Global. The company is expected to renew most of Motorola's bluetooth portfolio this year and the Boom 2, along with VerveLife, is the first addition to this.

The new product will carry the MH003 name and you'll be able to set it up through the new "Motorola Audio" app, which tells you battery life and it shows a map with your Boom's location. Some little esthetic elements have been changed too and the device improves connectivity, battery life and offers HD audio.

The product will soon be available at so stay tuned for more details coming up.
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