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Moto 360 (2nd gen) and 360 Sport discontinued

Sad day for wearable fans. Motorola has stopped selling its beautiful smartwatches directly at, and that whole section might disappear soon. In fact, it's already been deleted from some regional Motorola websites.

This comes weeks after Moto itself confirmed there are no future plans for the Moto 360 (3rd gen). There is some hope for wearable fans, though. 

In 2015, Motorola sold its accessories division to Binatone Global, which since then has released some interesting devices like VerveLife, ConnectCoin and the Pulse series. If Motorola isn't into smartwatches anymore, Binatone could just take over that business and release new products carrying the Motorola brand. 

But time will tell. Maybe Binatone takes over that business or maybe Motorola itself is getting ready to launch a new 360 later this year. What you should know is that support for the devices will remain and both watches will still be sold at Amazon and Best Buy.

Do you think we'll see some Moto wearables soon?

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