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Some of the coolest Motorola Superbowl ads

We all know Motorola has some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads out there, but the following are some of the funniest, or most iconic ones from recent years. Take a look.

1 - DROID RAZR (2012)

That year started really well for Motorola. The Droid RAZR was an instant hit, the MAXX had just been announced and took home some prestigious awards at CES, and Motorola's marketing team was on fire.

2 - Moto PEBL (2006)

We love the 4LTR series (Razr, Rokr, Xoom, Mods...) and 2006 was the time Moto showed off its most interesting designs. The MotoPEBL was called that way because it looked like a pebble, and they explained it with this Super Bowl 2006 ad.

3 - XOOM (2011)

This ad made fun of Apple's 1984 ad, showing how dumb or blind everyone looked using Apple products. 

4 - Megan Fox (2010)

This was around Moto's splash into the smartphone game and on the heels of the huge success of the Droid. Motorola promotes MotoBlur on this one, a platform that was designed for social media. Megan Fox wonders from the tub what would happen if she shared a naked picture of herself...probably nothing.

5 - Timeport (2000)

This one's old, but it shows Moto always had a funny side. This ad promotes the Timeport, which was the first phone with internet browsing (GPRS).

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