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Motorola Earbuds 2 were just released!

The original Motorola Earbuds were released two or three years ago, but now Motorola Accessories, a division under Binatone Global, is ready to launch the new Earbuds 2.

The new headphones will be completely redesigned compared to its predecessor. It will also feature 10mm drivers and a built-in mic.

The Earbuds 2 come in a variety of colors. At least eight colors will be released. Brazil was the first country to get these new headphones, but the Middle East quickly followed, as it's being released right now.

Binatone will probably introduce more wired and wireless headphones this year as part of the new product roadmap, so expect new Motorola Pulse devices, more VerveLife and some other surprises.

Here are more pictures from the Earbuds 2:

Source: @lifetrendzmiddleeast
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