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Solar Battery Moto Mod

We will be showing every MotoMod finalist that wants to get featured here in the coming days. After showing you a couple interesting Moto Mod ideas, here's another strong finalist from the Indiegogo competition. This is Mico, from Modularis Systems: a solar battery Mod for your Moto Z phone.

It's actually one of the finalist ideas that grossed the most cash so far in the crowdfunding competition. The Mod comes with an integrated solar cell and a 2200mAH battery, a USB Type-C port so you can charge other devices. All of this comes in a futuristic design which doesn't add much bulk to the phone.

This is the closest smartphones can get to causing less harm to the environment. By using renewable energy, the Moto Z won't need to get plugged anymore, saving you money and also saving some needed natural resources.

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