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QWERTY slider Moto Mod also coming!

This is heaven! Many Motorola fans have been waiting for a successor to the DROID 4 since 2012. Now, thanks to this MotoMod, it might come true.

The QWERTY slider Mod for Moto Z is here. A beautifully-designed 5-row keyboard with big buttons and easy navigation controls, similar to Moto's last QWERTY phone ever, the Photon Q (2012). This Mod is interesting too because it's one of the few that comes with a Motorola logo. As you know, other Indiegogo finalists do not come with the batwing.

It will also have an internal battery, which makes it even better. Capacity isn't known yet, but they estimate they can fit at least 2100mAH in it.

The Indiegogo link for this Mod is here while you can check more from the developers on this Reddit post.
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