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Should the C115 be re-released?

So, as you may know by now, Nokia re-released its popular 3310 low-end phone. It comes with a larger battery, an improved design and a new UI. But it does stay true to its original form somehow.

It's kind of ridiculous and nostalgic, but there's a lot of interest on social media, which got me thinking about the C115 from Motorola. It's a classic too, and it used to be the king of low-end. About 400 million dumb phones are sold each year, and the Motorola brand is still popular in older generations. What if it made a comeback? Would you buy a low-end phone for your mother or for you collection?

Here's a little edit I made, just for fun. I know, it's ridiculous and nostalgic, but let's pretend for a minute that it's real. Would you love it if Moto did something like this?

It looks as hilarious as the Nokia 3310!
Imagine getting one from MotoMaker

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