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Moto G5 MWC event recap: best moments

Motorola launched the Moto G5 and G5 Plus yesterday, which you can learn more about them here. But the launch event was more than just the G5 phones. In fact, many other cool news were shown during this event.

Moto is everywhere, with many cool adverts
Huge screens and a big M batwing

Motorola and Amazon announce the integration of Alexa into Moto phones and an Alexa MotoMod coming this year

Motorola's President talks about the success of the Moto brand in India and Brazil, where it's #2

Cool Moto Mod concepts that might be released:

Many new Moto Mod ideas are coming to market

GamePad Moto Mod, ideal for gamers

Lapdock Reborn? The Moto Z could become a Tablet this year!

Moto Robot Mod? An upcoming Mod could let you create robots and other gadgets

A Mod concept acts a secure drive that stores confidential files

Photo Printer Mod! An Indiegogo finalist was working on this, but seems Moto is too

A Turbo Power Mod is coming by Q2

Motorola Power Packs are also coming, in a variety of colors!

This adapter lets you charge all your MotoMods through the Mods' pins

Style Shells will get upgraded to bring new features, like wireless charging

Moto G5 family launch:

Motorola's CMO introduces the Moto G5 family

Some key factors people think when buying a phone: screen, battery and camera

The G5s are launched!
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