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Motorola updates its MWC countdown

Maybe it's a small update, or maybe not. But in the midst of all the leaks from yesterday, the Motorola Germany website got updated. You still can't access the website, but its countdown was changed.

The original countdown featured an octopus, but the new one features the already-classic puppy Moto shows in its boot animation. It's quite exciting to see we are only ten days away from the launch of a couple new Motorola phones. 

You may be wondering why we haven't talked about the leaks. That's because leaks don't necessarily generate hype. This site won't be covering leaks. We do have exclusive information to report regularly and we will share information about new products you probably didn't know were coming, but there won't be smartphone links here. 

And we will cover all the relevant Motorola-related news from MWC, including the new phones and products from Motorola Home and Accessories. Stay tuned for that.

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