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Have you seen the new Motorola Smart Scale?

Some months ago, Motorola Home released a new Smart Scale (that its name). The device is part of the Smart Nursery range, which includes a 7" tablet, a humidifier and a projector for kids. 

The Scale costs $79 in the US and looks gorgeous, with a nice round-looking display and a white/silver design. The Scale connects to the Hubble App, in which all Motorola Home products connect to give the user relevant information. 

The scale works as a regular scale, but it also has a "Baby and Me" feature in which it will track your baby's development when you step in with your baby and show it right in the app. Or, you can use the app to track your weight. Each family member can create a profile in that app.

You can get the smart scale for just $79 on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. You can also check for the latest home products.

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