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More details about the Keyboard Moto Mod

Two days ago, the first details about the Keyboard Mod popped up, and now, the developers have sent an email sharing a few more details about this awesome Moto Mod, which is part of Motorola's Indiegogo challenge (and you can subscribe for more details here).

The developers just shared a couple pictures of this mod in black, silver and gold. It looks great in every color variant. Plus, they also shared the possible release date! They want it to be ready by June/July. That's not far away, so we might have our Droid 4 successor soon!

But that's not all they shared. The QWERTY Keyboard Mod will come with hinges so you can tilt your Moto Z anywhere between 0-45° (it's optional, so you can choose to do it or keep it as a regular Droid-like keyboard). How cool is that!?

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