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Motorola keeps rising with record profits and sales

I'm happy to come back to this blog to report about the latest Motorola and Lenovo financial results. As you know, I've been very busy releasing my own poetry book in March, Demon's Hole, and I haven't posted any Motorola related articles this year.

But this past week Lenovo reported the latest financial results and I felt it was a great time to come back with these great news. As you know, Moto has evolved over the last 3-4 years. After an identity crisis in 2016-2017 with a rebrand to ''Lenovo Moto'', which many of us complained about, MotoROLA came back strong and expanded the Moto G line with countless devices. Motorola One series was also launched and it gained some momentum (though Moto decided to kill it later on, kinda), and then the EDGE and RAZR phones came in the midst of the pandemic.

Thanks to wide availability, the fall of LG in the USA and Huawei (in the Western world), competitive prices and more devices launched per year - plus, good marketing and more innovative mid-tier and high-end phones - Motorola became the #3 smartphone brand in the USA, and kept momentum in Latin America as the #2 biggest seller in the continent (even #1 in some countries) and big year over year increases in Europe.

In the last report, Lenovo's mobile division (Motorola) made 7.9 BILLION dollars in revenue in 2021/22 (Lenovo's fiscal year ends in the first quarter of the next year, so March 31st, 2022 in this case). That's a revenue increase from 5.7 billion the previous year. During the year, Motorola made a profit of 362 million dollars.

To some, this might seem small, although it's an increase from the 173 million it made the previous year. But for Motorola's finances, which have not been great since 2007 till 2019-ish, this is a great profit. If you recall, Motorola's phone business was hit hard by the 2008 economic downturn, the early rise of smartphones and the fall of the RAZR (2007-2008), the Google acquisition (2012) which caused the sale of profitable businesses like the Home networking division and business scale down, and then after a small comeback the 2016 rebranding decision impacted in brand image and the success of Moto Z modular flagship phone.

But now Moto is rising once again, getting great reviews and feedback from the media and customers, and launching exciting products like the EDGE series with Ready For, or the RAZR 5G which was the best selling foldable in North America for several months. 

Motorola is a clear example of a phoenix rising from the ashes. And that's why we love Moto.

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