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New chapter for Motorola Lovers: a look at the biggest Motorola collection on TikTok


Hey guys!

Just wanted to apologise, once again, for not being actively posting. The truth is that life and work has been overwhelming these past years and it's sad to see this community lose its shine in front of my eyes while I'm not doing anything.

I created these pages to promote Motorola and connect with other fans from around the world. Back when I started, everyone still used Facebook and Instagram, and this blog got tons of views. Now, it seems we are going into the video era, and that's something that might interest be of great interest to me.

In fact, I just recently launched our TikTok account, in which I will dedicate exclusively to show my Motorola museum. I'm happy that it grew quickly and now it reached 5 thousand followers in 3 weeks. That's crazy! Some videos even got more than 150,000 views!!

So as I find this passion to reconnect with the community, I hope you can bear with me. 

You can see daily Moto phones here:

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