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Motorola rugged phones are making a comeback

Who's ready for Motorola Tundra 2 and DEFY 2021?? I certainly am!

Motorola's brand licensing business just made a partnership with Bullitt, a company dedicated to building cool rugged phones (like CAT phones) in which they will produce Motorola-branded devices. These might be water, dust and shock proof phones in the form of smartphones or feature phones, which is very exciting.

Motorola has not released a feature phone since the Gleam+ flip phone from 2012. And there's a special market for these rugged phones. They look bulky but are pretty cool.

All details of this partnership are here and they suggest it will be a long-term deal. Motorola has licensed its brand for others to develop products like smartwatches, smart TVs, home networking products and baby nursery devices. Many of these deals have lasted around 5 years, so you can expect them to release many of these phones for a while.

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