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Good news: Lenovo financial results show strong Motorola sales


Hellomoto indeed!

Lenovo just launched its fourth quarter (Q3 for them) of 2020 results and the Mobile Business Group seems to have recovered from the pandemic and actually being profitable.

IDG’s second business unit, the Mobile Business Group (MBG), delivered double-digit revenue growth year-on-year, and recovered from the impact of COVID-19 by not only resuming profitability, but also achieving its highest profitability since the Motorola business was acquired. Solid performance in Latin and North America underpinned rapid expansion in Europe and Asia, where there was strong double- and triple-digit growth thanks to expanded carrier relationships and a stronger product mix. The business will continue to leverage its strong product portfolio and 5G innovation to drive future profitable growth.

That's what Lenovo's press release says about Motorola. Now, we have our mixed opinions about Motorola current strategy in which they are launching too many phones every month, but it seems to be working and that's great for us fans!

As always, Motorola is selling like hotcakes in Latin America and recapturing USA market share. Europe and Asia are a bit tricky, but seems to be on track too. Let's hope 2021 is even better.

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