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Spot Color On Moto Z4

On select Motorola phones, there is a unique camera feature, called "Spot Color". It works with a monochrome sensor with special hardware and software in the camera that allows you to choose one color to keep and make the rest, black and white. The above photo is Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Chesterton, Indiana. When you select a color, the colors in that scheme are saved. For example, I selected Blue, so anything blue or  dark blue-green is going to be saved. You can also add less or more color by sliding the bar at the bottom of the screen. 

For the next photo, I chose to photograph the Dahlias that I planted myself. Dahlias come in many different color varieties and red ones are my favorite. Where I live, they are an annual, which means they do not come back every year. In this photo, the reds and oranges are brought out and the rest is black and white. Some of the red mulch is depicted in color as well. 

These yellow flowers were taken at a local park in Indiana that I went and took Autumn photos of and I chose to keep the yellow photo and make the rest black and white. Being a nature photographer, I take many flower photos. The yellow makes this photo look very bright and cheery. 

This photo was taken at the county fair that I went to last year. The red with monochrome makes for a beautiful photo. Red is my favorite color, so I take a lot of photos with red in them. I spent the day walking around the entire fairgrounds, taking photos with Spot Color and Macro, all on my Moto Z4

This flower was taken in my neighbor's garden while I was watering her flowers for her, and the pink is so beautiful. It makes a nice contrast with the monochrome around it. 

If you are looking for a Moto that is affordable and allows creativity with your photos, then Moto Z4 is a great Moto. Black Friday is around the corner, so you may be able to find one at a reduced price. You can also enhance your camera experience with a few camera Moto Mods to choose from. Spot Color is standard on newer Moto phones nowadays, so it will be available for many. It can be found in the camera's menu with an eyedropper icon. We at Motorola Lovers would love it if you shared your Spot Color photos on our social media pages. 

What fun things are you doing with your Moto Camera App?
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