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Motorola webinar for close fans: we were there!

Today, we as Motorola Lovers community were part of cool webinar where Moto walked us through the RAZR and EDGE+ launches, its innovations, the design process and some insights of what's to come.
It was a great instance to see Moto interact with fans, from Motorola and Lenovo which also gave some feedback into what they want to see next from Motorola.

Some comments from fans include:
  • Easier branding strategy
  • More differentiation between Moto lines in terms of design and between other brands
  • More software update support
  • Better front-facing cameres
Some cool inputs from Motorola itself:

  • Motorola helped set the 5G standard
  • Many marketing elements from the original Motorola RAZR campaign were used for the new one
  • Expect Moto to release more flagship phones soon
  • Motorola constantly updates phones' apps through the Play Store, not only software updates
  • The RAZR took more than 2 years to develop, since 2017, but they have actually been working on foldable screens for almost a decade
  • The EDGE+ took a long time to develop, too. They wanted it to be perfect and differentiate it from other flagships with its unique design elements

Thanks Moto for having us!

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