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Motorola celebrates 47 years of the first mobile phone call and embraces social distancing

It was 47 years ago in NYC when our beloved Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call ever, from the Motorola DynaTAC.

Motorola went on to become the most iconic cellphone brand in the world, and still present these days. No one can deny Moto's engineering and design products which have been admired by critics and fans over the years.

But this week, instead of celebrating this special anniversary with discounts or a rap video like the last two years, Moto is embracing to stay at home.

Their new blog post talks about this and how important it is to #MakeACall to stay connected with our beloved ones. Sure, we have social media now, which we didn't have 47 years ago. We can see what people are up to (or what they want us to think they are up to), but in these uncertain times it's better to use our phones for their main feature: make calls.

Motorola is also embracing social distancing with a subtle logo change in their social media accounts, separating the batwings. Check it out:

And while you stay home, be sure to check out Motorola's cool anniversary rap from some years ago:

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