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This Week in Moto Mega-Post: Moto Display 2017 APK, Happy Birthday Motorola and more!

This Week in Moto Mega-Post will cover most of last week's news in the Motorola fans world. We do this every week, and a lot happened this week in the Motorola world, from the release of a Moto Display 2017 App that works with older phones, to Motorola's birthday on September 25th. Enjoy!

Moto Display APK ported to to other phones: we have some exciting news, as the Moto Display app found on the Moto Z2 and X4 has been ported to 2016 phones. It includes the battery circle and the quick reply options now! Get it right now.

Vote for the best designed Motorola phone of all time: you can still take part of this massive poll we made so the question is answered for once and for all. VOTE!

Happy Birthday Motorola: We celebrated Motorola's 89th anniversary, and though Moto itself forgot about its birthday (we are still a bit mad about this!), we all enjoyed a day full of celebration posts and an amazing tribute video.

Unreleased Moto concept phones: we were on a treat this week again, with a cool unreleased concept phone from 5 or 6 years ago that was actually the early stages of the MotoMods platform. Check it out.

Motorola custom Mods: Motorola launched customizable Mods for China. We hope the rest of the world gets them soon. It includes Style Shells and the Battery Mod. You can include a picture or pattern of your choice on the cool is that!?

Motorola Home buzz... We saw a new advertisement for the Motorola Chargers portfolio right here. Check it out. Plus, we saw the first hands-on video with the Motorola Stream.

More Moto news: here is the top 5 pics of the week taken by users from all over the world. We also shared some exclusive director cuts of the Moto Z2 TV commercial and the Moto G5s Plus advertisement...

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