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The Motorola RAZR is back, kinda!

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Motorola's biggest licensee, Binatone Global, is about to release a new feature phone based on the design of the RAZR2 V8. The UK-based company licensed the design of the classic Moto phone and will release this as a tribute act to the RAZR.

The Motorola RAZR is a cultural icon, which sold 150 million units worldwide and was the best selling phone in the USA for over four years.

Binatone Global is calling this phone the Binatone Blade, being "blade" a synonym to RAZR. See, Motorola not letting them put the Motorola and/or RAZR brands in this phone, and not giving them the original RAZR V3 design license gives us hope that Motorola could be working on a RAZR reboot itself or planning to release feature phones with a third party like Binatone.

The Blade costs around 50 dollars and does as much as the original RAZR did, so don't expect any smartphone features. I am excited about this phone, but I would recommend waiting for Motorola to release a real RAZR successor. I feel it coming.
Image result for binatone blade
Photo: The Sun

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