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This week's top MOTO news: Oreo updates, Concepts and new products!

This Week in Moto Mega-Post will cover most of last week's news in the Motorola fans world. We do this every week, and a lot happened this week in the Motorola world, from some interesting concept phones from the past to an update in the list of phones that will get Android Oreo. Enjoy!

Official List of devices getting Android Oreo: we have some updates in the list, as Motorola added some devices. Here is the list of devices getting Android 8.0 from Motorola. Motorola added the Moto G4 Plus this week, as there were many complaints by fans and users pointing out some ads from 2016 showed the phone would get updated to Oreo. Here's what Motorola had to say about it.

Vote for the best designed Motorola phone of all time: you can take part of this massive poll we made so the question is answered for once and for all. VOTE!

SEPTEMBER DISCOUNTS and PROMOTIONS: We collected all the US, India and UK current promo codes and discounts for you to check out here.

Unreleased Moto concept phones: we were on a treat this week again, with unreleased concept phones and devices from the past. It includes a weird-looking Motorola sports tracker and some interesting cancelled tablet. You can check them out here (tablet) and here (sports tracker).

Motorola history lovers rejoice: Motorola Fans is always embracing Moto's history. This week we covered the iconic ROKR Z6, as well as the classic Moto Q campaign. On top of that, we reached and celebrated along with Motorola the 4 millionth Moto Z sold cool is that!?

Motorola Home buzz... We saw some Motorola Home stuff this week, including the Motorola HALO, a whole new smart nursery experience, with a projector, a speaker, a circular light (that's why it's called halo).

More Moto news: here is the top 5 pics of the week taken by users from all over the world. You know what else is taking all over the world? Or at least in Russia? Motorola-branded cars, and they are freaking awesome. Oh, and here's what the Moto X4 box will look like...

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