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This is what the Moto X4 box looks like, and we LOVE it!

Motorola launched the Moto X4 at IFA in Berlin three weeks ago, and the phone won 11 awards at the tech trade show. It comes with IP68 water protection, an all glass and metal design, a 16MP front camera and a 5.2" screen. It's a compact phone but also very powerful. 

The Italian fanbase, Motorola Italia Fans, shared a picture of what its box looks like, and though you're probably bored by now about us telling you the full Motorola name is back and shown in the front, we are happy to tell everyone that the FULL MOTOROLA NAME IS SHOWN ON THE FRONT!

This is the international version of the box, not just the Latin American box, which Motorola had been using the full name again in the Moto Z2 Force and Moto G5s series. For the first time in many years, Motorola's beautiful wordmark is the star of the box. You can also see a beautiful fish around the batwing logo. In many ways it is reminiscent of the Moto U9 external screen animations. Remember those? There was one with a fish, and it looked gorgeous.

Motorola is expected to launch this device in India next week, while it's already reaching Europe. We are so happy to see the full name on the box, and such a beautiful box. In my opinion, it's the best packaging Moto released this year, though all the packaging this year was freaking awesome.

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