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The Moto G4 Plus WILL get updated to Android Oreo!

There was a lot of buzz around last week's list of phones getting Android Oreo, and even we were critical about this matter. The Moto G4 Plus had been left out, but now it seems it will get updated after all.

Through an update in its blog, Motorola mentions some marketing material mistakenly stated the G4 Plus would get Android O. Motorola apologizes for that and says that even if it was not planned, they will update the Moto G4 Plus to honor this promise. That speaks very well of Motorola. And G4 Plus users can be happy now.

See, Motorola really listens to its fans and users, and when you send them feedback, they will listen to you and if many fans feel strong about an opinion, they will make sure all of them are happy in the end. This is great news. 

We told you here to give them the benefit of doubt. Now the device will get updated.

Source: Motorola
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