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Motorola plans to launch smart Thermometers soon!

Motorola Home launched its award-winning Smart Nursery ecosystem of products last year, that includes a projector, a tablet, a scale, a smart baby monitor and a humidifier! This doesn't end there, and Motorola is set to launch new nursery products by the end of the year, including smart thermometers. 

We saw these at a trade show in China not long ago, and now a new Play Store and iOS app has been released specifically for these new thermometers. The app is called Smart Thermometer for Hubble and it lets you monitor your baby's temperature from your smartphone.

What's interesting is that the screencaps already show the three kinds of thermometers that will be released in the coming weeks, most likely on Amazon, Best Buy and Motorola Home's website. This includes a Ear Thermometer, a Touchless Forehead Thermometer and a Smart Soother Patch. The app comes with profiles for all your babies if you have more than one, and a temperature history so you can monitor your baby's progress. You can check out the app here.

   Smart Thermometer for Hubble- screenshot

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