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What's inside: Motorola V360 from 2005

Motorola phones have always been known for being robust and durable. "The Brick" was the nickname for some of the 80s and 90s Motorola phones, and even with more recent devices like the RAZR and the Moto Z, the company has kept their tradition of making unbreakable phones.

Today, we will see the internals of the Motorola V360. A phone released in late 2005. And though this special disassembly was done by Moto fan Matías Bolaño, the V360 holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first Motorola phone ever and the device that began my crazy love for the brand.

It's awesome to see how much history we can learn looking at these internals. The V360 came with a long-lasting battery, the same UI as the Moto RAZR, though it allowed expandable storage and came in a more robust, thicker form factor.

You can see the battery, which comes with the same design as today's Moto phones' batteries. There's also the whole board in there, the T9 keypad, and even the annoying flex cable that connected the board with the screen as it was a flip phone. I remember breaking mine countless times when disassembling it.

In this other photo, you can see the other side of all these parts, from the flip itself, to the external screen which was the opposite side of the main screen. This side of the motherboard shows the 2.5mm jack (the trend before 3.5mm) and the microSD slot.

All in all, the V360 is a classic Moto phone, and a very special one to me, so it's great to see what's inside the phone.
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