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This week in MOTO: Moto X4, unbreakable screen, Q2 results and more!

This Week in Moto Mega-Post will cover most of last week's news in the Moto fans world. We do this every week, and a lot happened this week in the Motorola world, from some interesting future projects to some Moto X4 leaks. Enjoy!

Moto X4 news: here's all you need to know about Motorola's latest phone, the Moto X4. Motorola Iran official distributor mistakenly showed it off on Instagram ahead of launch.

It even showed some specs of the device, which you can check out here.

DISCOUNTS and PROMOTIONS: We collected all the US and UK current promo codes and discounts for you to check out here.

Moto Z everywhere: here are some cool tips and tricks you need to know before purchasing the Moto Z2 Force, from screen tips to color choice. It's very important you read this before getting it

Motorola Q2 financial results: Moto is doing better and better each quarter with success in Europe and Latin America. It also announced the 3 million Moto Z device sold in 12 months and expects to be profitable in the next months. More here.

Motorola Fans talk... We reviewed the Moto Hasselblad Camera Mod this week. Should you spend $300 dollars on a MotoMod? Here's the honest answer. We asked fans to vote for the best designed Moto flagship, and you can still vote for it.

Moto self healing phone and more: we have exciting news about an upcoming Motorola product. Stay tuned to our social media pages 'cause it's coming this week. Last but not least, Moto patented a display technology that heals itself through an app. Will that be coming out any time soon? Stay tuned for that.

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