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The 15 things crazy Motorola fans do!

There are regular Motorola fans and crazy Motorola fans out there. This post is dedicated to those crazy fans who follow everything about Motorola and get happy with every small bit of new info about the company or go mad when there's something they don't like. These are the 15 THINGS CRAZY MOTOROLA FANS DO:

1 . Wait for the RAZR to come back:

Image result for gif britney spears baby one more time

2. Always say Motorola is better than other brands:

Image result for motorola fans

3. Celebrate financial results and market share increases like this:

Image result for fergie motorola gif

4. Cry when Lenovo decided to phase-out the Motorola brand:

Image result for crying gif

5. Try to get our revenge and getting MotoROLA back:

Image result for alice resident evil gif

6. Celebrate when Lenovo brings the full brand back!

Image result for happy gif

7. Getting ready for a launch event live stream like...

Image result for concentration gif

8. Stand up like this in front of your computer when a phone is announced:

Related image

9. Fight with Samsung or LG fans who say Motorola is not a top-brand anymore...

Image result for how dare you gif

10. The feeling you get when a Motorola social media account replies to your tweet:

Image result for love gif

11. When you show off your new Moto phone to everyone you know and their mothers!

Image result for gif lion king

12. Feel you are a fashionista for using different Moto Z Style Shells Mods each day of the week:

Related image

13. When some tech site writes a negative article about Moto and we refuse to read it:

Image result for funny gif

14. When our Moto phone is among the first phones to get the newest Android update:

Image result for fun gif

15. Read this article and be like...

 white chicks GIF

We are a bit crazy, but we rock!

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