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Rare Motorola Prototypes that were never released

Motorola is an iconic brand we all know and love. And we, the biggest fans, think we know every bit of information out there when it comes to Moto. Well, today this might change a bit, as we are about to show you some cool unreleased stuff from the past. 

These are prototypes that were never released. It could have been due to marketing decisions or due to the products failing quality or software tests... we will never know. But what we can tell from these videos we are about to show you is that they would have looked amazing if Moto had released them back in the day:

Unknown Moto Slider device [2008]

Moto RAZR3 VE1 (Ruby) [2008]

Moto ROKR E3 [2006]

Moto SCPL [2007]

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