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Motorola will open 50 stores in India!

Hellomoto! Our beloved brand is now opening six stores in India this week, and plans to further increase this number to 50 stores in the coming months. This, year Motorola has made the decision to focus on both digital and physical platforms, so this is one of the first steps.

Motorola already has some stores in the US, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now it will have their own exclusive stores, called Moto Hub, in India. The first six ones will launch in Mumbai and Delhi. 

These stores offers the Moto Z2 Play and all the MotoMods available, while it also sells the Moto G5 and G5 Plus, the Moto C and C Plus, the E4 family and soon other upcoming devices. Overall, the design of these stores is nice, colorful, and with the Motorola name being shown everywhere. Motorola fans are very happy to see this!

If you are in India right now, you should definitely visit one of these stores. You won't regret it, and might even come back home with a new Moto phone!

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