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Motorola Iran official distributor shares pics of Moto X4

Motorola's highly anticipated Moto X4 is set to be released this year. The phone has been leaked some time ago, and though we never talk about leaks, we can show you something "official" right now, as Motorola Iran's official distributor (also Lenovo's distributor in the country) has shared pictures of the Moto X4 on Instagram. 

This means they already have the phone, as you will see in the pictures. It has a round camera design similar to the Moto Z smartphone and everything Moto has released this year, though it keeps some of the original Moto X curves and design language. It's completely black in these picture, though more colors will be released for sure.

The phone's got a Dual Camera set up similar to the Moto Z2 Force and the Moto G5s Plus phones and some specs can be read in the pic, like 3/4GB of RAM set ups, a 2.2GHz Octa Core processor, a 5.2" screen and a 3,000mAh battery.

We still don't know when this phone will be released but we love it already. But since an official distributor in the Middle East already has the device, we might be quite close to see it released in Asia and Europe.

Motorola Iran Official Distributor (Homatelecom)
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