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Moto X history before the X4 announcement!

Motorola could be launching the Moto X4 today at the Lenovo launch event in Berlin, which just a few hours away, so let's take a look back into all Moto X phones released since 2013. 

The original Moto X launched in 2013 and was backed by a big marketing campaign showing off Motomaker, the OK Google Now commands, Moto Display and the gesture-based camera.

By the next year, Motorola launched the X 2nd Generation, oftenly seen as the most beautiful phone Motorola released in recent years. This one improved specs and design, though it wasn't backed up by a big promo campaign. 

Last but not least, the Moto X Style was launched in 2015, and though this phone was loved for its huge screen, the Moto X Play and X Force spin-offs outsold it and became more popular than the Style. It was a beautiful phone, though.

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