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Motorola sues Hytera for patent infringement and stealing trade secrets

Motorola Solutions, the Chicago-based public safety and B2B company has been acquiring companies in recent years in order to build a stronger device and provide a better service worldwide. In addition to that, it is now making sure no one steals information from them, and no one copies them.

Motorola also announced today it's filing a case against Hytera in Germany, which according to the company has stolen trade secrets and has infringed Motorola's intellectual property (patents). Hytera is one of Motorola Solutions' competitors in the public-safety market, and Motorola is asking for Hytera products and services to be banned from sale in the US since April. 

Now, with this new filing, it's asking for the authorities to resolve this issue in Europe too, and it could cost Hytera an import ban of their products in the continent.

Motorola Solutions is the biggest, most successful Motorola out there, and it's also the original remaining business of the company founded in 1928, while the other Motorolas are either a spin-off or have a license to use the iconic name. Motorola Solutions is worth 14B dollars and sells business and public-safety products. You can learn more about Motorola Solutions, Inc here.

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