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Motorola SPLICE concept phone

There are many unreleased Motorola prototype phones out there, and there are also some never seen concept phones. Those never got to become a prototype, and they just remained as digital drawings. Here is one of them.

This is a concept called SPLICE. This phone would have been a mid-range from 2012, featuring an 8MP 1080p camera, Ice Cream Sandwich, an HD screen and a Kevlar back. As you can see from the pics, it would be similar to the 2012 design language Moto had.

The picture says "the combination of 2 or more materials one over another boost the protective feeling improving the device resistant as well as increasing the perceived quality". If you recall, diamond-cut edges, square bodies and Kevlar backs were part of Motorola's design back then. You can also see two UIs in this concept, a higher-end one and the low-end used in MotoLUXE, Defy Mini and others.

Source: Behance

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