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Motorola is launching a new $99 Camera and it looks incredible!

The Motorola brand is not just about smartphones. Motorola is a popular name in public-safety products, home products and mobile accessories. In this last one, the brand particularly shines for its bluetooth headphones, but it is now entering into the automobile accessories game. The first step was to launch the Dash Cam MDC100, a small 2.8" screen with a 2MP camera for vehicles.

This proved to be a successful product since its launch a few months ago, and now Motorola is releasing another car camera, but this one looks incredible. In fact, it looks like a normal camera rather than a car camera.

This new Motorola car camera will be sold for 99 dollars and will be reaching Europe and the US soon. In case you were wondering, this is not a product from Lenovo's Motorola. It's done by Motorola Accessories, a division under a British company called Binatone, which is also in charge of most Motorola-branded home products. Motorola Mobility sold their accessories division to Binatone back in 2015.

The new camera features wide angle lens, 1080p Full HD video capture, motion detection and a 4" 480x854 screen. It also comes with a microSD card slot and will even help you park your car thanks to its sensors, you know, like the newest cars do. 

All in all, it's quite a nice product and we were lucky to get an early hands-on this product which will launch very soon in Europe, followed by the US.

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