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Motorola at TechWorld 2017: upcoming Mods, amazing intro video and more!

Lenovo held its annual Lenovo TechWorld event on July 20th, in Shanghai, China. The company, which owns Motorola Mobility showcased some upcoming Motorola products during this event. This includes new MotoMods and the Moto Z2 Play. 

Motorola didn't have a large presence during this event this year, because Motorola's own HelloMoto World is coming next week. Still, you can't miss this cool stuff:

The first thing shown, which was amazing, is the intro video welcoming to TechWorld. It recaps some of the greatest bits of Motorola History, and we LOVE that! Check it out:

Motorola had a nice-looking booth during this event, where it showed some of these upcoming products. You will see some current, and upcoming products in the following pics.

Lenovo also showed its OneCompute Moto Mod, which can turn your Moto Z into a Smart TV or a computer!

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