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Live Blog: Moto Z2 launch event

We will be doing live blogging of the event right here. We will update this post every minute so do follow it!

12:09 -  Event began. They are talking about the Motorola brand.

12:10 - Moto Z2 Force is OFFICIAL! Thinner and lighter, in three colors!

12:11 - Shattershield technology!

12:12 - Nanocoating technology for water repelling. 

12:13 - Dual Cams! They are talking about the amazing camera right now.

12:15 - Moto experiences. So far no new Moto Experience compared to the latest Motorola phones.

12:16 - Moto Display got updated. You can now reply from the lock screen!

12:20 - They showed the official advertisement.

12:21 - Available right now in all carriers in the USA!

12:22 - Available worldwide later this summer.

12:24 - Event is over. New Moto Z2 Force and two new MotoMods (that aren't exactly new).
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