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The latest Motorola 10W charger goes on sale

Remember I told you Motorola created an official website to sell of its official chargers? Well, the new Motorola 10W charger is now available for you to get the most powerful non-Turbo charger from the brand.

This is the charger that came with the Moto M, Moto E3, Moto G4 Play and other phones from the past year, but you can now get it for $19.99 through Motorola's website or Amazon. This charger comes with a 1 meter micro USB cable which is detachable, so you can actually use this charger with any other cables. 

It's a 10W charger, and it's compatible with previous Motos that can charge at this speed. 10W is a bit less than the 15W from the TurboPower or QuickCharge chargers, but it's still a faster charger than the standard ones. This is what Motorola calls "Rapid Charging".

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