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Nokia 3 vs Moto C: who wins?

Nokia released its low-end Nokia 3 this week, as part of its grand comeback to the market, which the company is hyping for its low price. A lot of fans and consumers might be wondering how it compares to Motorola's low-end king, the Moto C. Here's a comparison of the two devices:

Specs comparison for lazy people

Nokia 3 comes with a 5.0" screen just like the Moto C. Its resolution is HD while the Moto C is just FWVGA (100ppi less). The Moto C is thicker than Nokia's phone though it's a lighter device. The Nokia 3 comes with a Mediatek MT6737 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, while the C also comes with that processor but is clocked at 1.1GHz. The C offers 1GB RAM while Nokia comes with 2GB. Both come with Android Nougat 7.0, upgradable to 7.1.1, while both come with a mostly stock experience.

The rear-camera on the Nokia 3 comes with 8MP and the Moto C comes with 5MP, but Nokia offers a larger front-facing camera. Nokia's battery capacity is smaller than the Moto C, by 200mAH.

Nokia 3 clearly wins in this department over Motorola's phone. 
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Essentials comparison for those who care

Both devices are marketed in similar ways. The Nokia low-tier offers a premium design at an affordable price, while the Moto C is marketed to offer a premium design and performance at a very affordable price.

Colorful housings, stock android experiences and fast performance are key features of both devices, as you can see. With Motorola, though, you get access to interchangeable backs according to how you feel, and you also get the ability to remove its battery. This feature is highly appreciated in low-end markets.

Motorola gets credit here. Moto C suits the low-end markets a lot more. People want to be able to carry spare batteries and customize their devices, and that's exactly what the Moto C allows. 

Conclusion: We won't lie, the Nokia device wins the specs battle and the overall battle. However, the Moto C costs $50 less than the Nokia 3 in most markets.

This is the only reason why we would still choose the Moto C. It comes with a similar processor and battery life at a much lower price. 

In this case, both devices are great, and we can't say anything negative about the Nokia device. If you are going to spend around $150, you should choose the Nokia 3 over the Moto C. However, the much newer Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus give the Nokia 3 a run for its money at a similar price.
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