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How being a Motorola fan helped Droydlynn deal with her Autism

Each Motorola fan has a great story to tell. This one comes from an incredible woman I got to know through social media. She's been following our accounts and always supporting the stuff we share and the Motorola brand. Now it's everyone's turn to know her story.

"Droydlynn" Katherine Mann, from the US, is a very active member of the fans community. She got her first Moto phone when she was 14 and it was a flip phone, but it wasn't until 2011 that she became a crazy fan thanks to her DROID X.

I got my own DROIDX 6 months later. At the time, I was showing serious signs of regression from my Autism, and nothing was helping. Even my doctor didn't know what to do. After explaining to Mum about what was going on, she understood, and let me buy one, we went to Costco and bought one for me. DROID. I was so happy to hold my DROIDX in my hands, that I had tears of happiness in my eyes.

She was fighting her Autism at the time and it was her relationship with her Motorola phone that helped her find herself: "My DROID unleashed potential that I didn't know I had. In November of 2012, I started doing work as a volunteer technician for a non corporate Verizon store".

Ever since 2011, she's been a loyal fan and bought several DROID phones. All her Droids are named after girls: Razii (Droid Razr), Draxxii (Droid Ultra) and Mayra (her most recent, Moto Z Force). She loves Lenovo's "Different is Better" phrase, something she really relates to.

That tag phrase can be applied in many ways in the special needs community, especially Autism. My brain is wired differently than people without Autism, so I never knew what "normal" is supposed to look like. To me, Normal is just a setting on kitchen and laundry appliances. Having my DROIDs helps me cope with the emotional challenges of Autism, anxiety, and non military PTSD.

Droydlynn also helps people with Autism. "I also advocate in the Autism community on Facebook. I help others in need, by sharing my experiences and suggesting strategies that work. Sometimes, I'm just there as a friend to lean on". She is happy to tell the world that since using her first Droid, she has been able to lower the dose of her medications. 

In a way, Motorola/DROID saved me from serious issues. I am able to function at a socially acceptable level, be very independent. I might not be able to drive, but I can do many other things that I probably wouldn't have been able to do it it wasn't for Motorola's DROID series. When I get overwhelmed, I cuddle with either my Moto Z Force or Droid Turbo 2 to calm down.

Just like 99% of the fans, her dream is to work for Moto one day. But not everything in her world is Motorola. She loves cooking, taking care of her exotic birds and gardening. The last quote, which I loved is:

Just like people with disabilities, Moto Z is unique. Has to do with the tagline "Different is Better".

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Droydlynn and Mayra (Droid)
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