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One year ago the Moto Z was launched!

It was exactly one year ago, on June 9th, 2016 that the modular flagship phone from Motorola was launched at Lenovo TechWorld in San Francisco.

The Moto Z launched along the Insta Share Projector Mod, the JBL Mod, the Incipio OffGrid and the Style Shells. The phone features a 5.5" QHD screen, a 13MP camera and 4GB of RAM. A Moto Z Force was also announced during that event, featuring a Shatterproof display and a 21MP camera.

Motorola teased this phone as a revolution to the mobile game and is still Moto's flagship device. The good thing about the Mods platform is that it keeps the first generations of Moto Z current in the market. The phones won't age like regular phones because you can still amplify its user experience.

The Moto Z is a true game changer so we want to say Happy Birthday Moto Z! #hellomoto
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