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Exclusive: Motorola's 2017 outdoors portfolio

Motorola Home is ready to kick its 2017 in full force. As you know, the Motorola Home business is not handled by either Motorola Solutions or Motorola Mobility. It's actually managed by Motorola Trademark Holdings LLC, and it's a rather powerful business, which sells millions of products, from baby monitors to modems and cordless phones that carry the Motorola brand.

The next products are designed for outdoor environments, specifically for active lifestyles. It includes lamps, radios, step counters, lanterns, speakers and weather radios. All of these will be released in the US this month, and will be compatible with a dedicated app for outdoor products. Let's have a look at them:

This next one is a solar-energy and battery-powered FM/AM radio, which also acts as a lantern and as a weather radio. It can charge your phone too, thanks to a USB port in its side. This one was released earlier this year.

Then we have the Motorola PEBL 2017 wearables, which we already talked about two weeks ago. These wearables are available in four sets and track different activities. All of these come with a rear light and will cost around 30 bucks.

The next products include the Motorola Lumo lamps, which are modular lamps that come with different features depending of the module you buy: bluetooth speaker, power banks, bug killers. You can set the light color through its dedicated phone app. Then, we have some tiny lanterns which will cost about $20.

Last but not least, we have a weather radio and a water-resistant, IP-certified speaker which works over Bluetooth connectivity and definitely looks robust.

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