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This week in MOTO: software updates, Moto C and new home products

We do this every week or so: a mega post telling you all the main Motorola news of the past week. A lot of things are going on in the Moto World, and it's an exciting time to be a Motorola fan. Are you ready for This Week In Moto!? Here we go...

New official Flip Cover for the Moto G5: The G5 got a new black flip cover made by Moto itself. It's available in Amazon India right now and it looks very nice.
We also got to see a live hands-on of it and how it makes the device look (check the video here).

Moto G5 Plus got a new software update: There's a new software update rolling out. It weights 200MB+ and improves stability, bugs and audio during video capture.

Moto C and Moto C Plus were announced! The wait is over for the incredible budget phone. It will come with a clean Android experience and a huge battery life. Brazil will be the first country to get it, in two weeks. Check out some cool promo pics of it here. Full specs here: Moto C | Moto C Plus.

New video promoting the MotoMods: it's also one of the first videos in which we see the full Motorola name at the end. As you know, the Motorola brand is making a big comeback this year and we are all very happy about it!

Moto Z $200 OFF: with a new promo code from Motorola's website, you can get the Z for $200 OFF plus with a two-year warranty! Check here.

Some Motorola History love: we made a Droid Bionic throwback, with a big picture gallery. We also discussed some of the best unknown facts about Moto's history including great achievements and innovation.

We think the MotoKRZR deserves more credit: this phone is just as iconic as the RAZR and deserves to be seen in a different light. Here's why.

Motorola Home created a new website for the official chargers: five products are being sold right now. It includes microUSB chargers and USB-C plugs.

The Moto C1 was officially released in China: weird to think two products will be called Moto C, but that's what's going on in China. The Moto C1 is a router with a very stylish design.

PEBL is back! Four new wearables: four new wearables carrying the Moto PEBL brand will be released by the end of May. This includes UV sensors, reflectors, thermometers, step counters and a compass.
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