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Motorola PEBL 2017 wearable is now official

Motorola (not Mobility, but Motorola Home) is about to relaunch the iconic PEBL brand for wearables. There will be four new PEBL 2017 wearables hitting Amazon, Best Buy and other outdoors gear retailers later this month.

Each of these PEBL wearables are designed for outdoor activities and each of them have their own dedicated function. There's a step counter, a thermometer, a compass and a UV sensor. All of the Motorola PEBLs feature a circular LED screen and long lasting batteries rechargeable through USB. They also come with a torch/reflector in one side. 

The price for these devices will be of about $30-40 dollars each and the US will be the first to get them. In fact, Amazon already listed it. 

The Motorola Fans Community got some exclusive pictures of each of the four devices:

Now a real shot of the device, picture courtesy of BigBuckRegistry:

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